Friday, March 3, 2017

Overwatch: Drill of The Month For March

Surprise Drill

The shooter will stand with their back to the range. Someone will load their first magazine. Round count is unknown to the shooter, they may get three rounds or maybe seven. The first magazine is never full and may have a Snap Cap or two in it. The second magazine is loaded to capacity.
While this is happening, someone else is down range moving the targets. We use blue for no shoot and red for double taps. The target arrangement is different for each shooter. Also we place garbage cans on the firing line, the shooter must maneuver around these or use as cover while clearing a Snap Cap or performing a magazine change.
When we’re ready to go hot, the shooter is handed their first magazine. They chamber a round and re-holster and wait for the command to fire. Then, the shooter will turn, draw and engage. The shooter is never static, move and shoot. Magazine changes and Snap Cap clearing must be done from cover.
This is a great drill to build proficiency in drawing from concealment, movement, magazine changes, malfunction clearing, target assessment and using cover.

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