Wednesday, September 13, 2017

LDS Missionary Fights Back After Attack In Brazil

I came across this video of two missionaries in Brazil street contacting.
Here's part of the article:

"They are frisked by the man with the gun as two other men hand over their possessions to the bike-rider.

But the armed robber was in for a shock, as the burlier of the Mormons grabs him and twists the gun out his grasp.

The bike-rider steps in but finds his friend's gun pointed in his face.

The Mormon then tosses the gun over a high fence and goes to town on the biker, knocking him across the street with a flurry of left and right jabs.

The gunman flees as a cop arrives, but the missionary is lost in a fist-fighting frenzy.

Even when the officer intervenes he continues landing blows on the criminal.

The robber eventually breaks free and flees, leaving the missionary standing, arms at his side, looking like he could go another few rounds.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints confirmed to The Salt-Lake Tribune that the two shirt-wearing men in the video were attached to the Manaus mission.

It said that they were in good health, but declined to release their identities."

I'm sure the Church is not that happy about this video because it doesn't depict the Church in the best light. But it does show that not everyone is a helpless victim. I had a gun pulled on me at a door once on my mission and it was no fun. I didn't, however, have someone try to rob me. Had that happened I fear I would have been like this missionary.
I'm proud of the guy! Defending yourself id something that is bred into Americans and he acted appropriately in my opinion.
Good job Elder! No one should cower to a threat when you can defend yourself. His situation awareness and quick thinking might have saved someone's life.

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