Monday, February 22, 2016

Law Enforcement and All Lives Matter

Check out this video. President Obama praises "Black Lives Matter". But I praise "Blue Lives Matter"
If you've read my posts on here for any amount of time you would see that I have always supported our Law Enforcement (LE) officers and feel they are the best in the world. In some articles I may have come across as not trusting LE. I believe in Constitutional rights and feel LE often has a tough road in doing their job. I will say right here now. LE in the U.S. are the absolute best in the world. We should be concerned about these lives who we hire to enforce the law, and keep the peace. They are not perfect, and sometimes they make mistakes or there are some bad apples out there. But I do not support any group or individual who advocates not supporting, harming, or generally mistreating our LE. They have a thankless job and "Black Lives Matter" and groups like them, would be whining and crying for help if all of a sudden LE disappeared. I don't like groups like "Black Lives Matter" because everyone matters. Our President and this group does nothing but divide this country and make it weaker. Both should be ashamed of themselves. Our President should never support anything that does not care for all the citizens of this country. To say that I'm glad to see this President leave would be an understatement. If this makes me racist I guess I am. I don't think I am, but others seems to decide that for me.

Check out this video, it speaks volumes.

Semper Paratus
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