Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Round In The Chamber

Everyone who owns a gun or carries a gun has different thoughts about safety. Some believe that to be safe you must lock up guns. This is true but only to a certain point. When it comes to guns and children, keeping them safe is your primary concern. But as your children get older, I believe if they are trained and exposed to guns, the mystery is removed and a respect and safety ethic replaces curiosity. Safety is a perspective thing.
Remember this scene from the movie “Blackhawk Down”?
Steele: Sergeant, what's the meaning of this?
[Thinking he's talking about the unauthorized pig picking]
"Hoot": Just a little aerial target practice, sir. Didn't want to leave 'em behind.
Steele: I'm talking about your weapon, soldier. Now Delta or no-Delta, that's still a hot weapon. Your safety should be on at all times.
"Hoot": This is my safety, sir.
[He holds up his index finger and bends motions as if squeezing a trigger and then walks off]
Sanderson: Let it alone, sir. He hasn't eaten in a few days.
Guns do not shoot themselves. Contrary to Hollywood’s false impression modern guns don’t go off if you drop them. They only shoot when something presses the trigger.
The amount of people who don’t carry a weapon with a round in the chamber is simply astounding. In this article, I’m going to cover why you should carry a gun that is locked, cocked and ready to rock.
I want to say right now, that if you don’t carry with a round in the chamber, my goal is not to offend you. My goal is to help you realize something, so please read on.
As a rule of thumb, police officers are taught that an attacker (AKA a bad guy) can successfully make up enough distance to over power someone in under 21 feet. Why? Because the “average” attacker can usually make up 21 feet in less than 2 seconds. Some guys are even faster than that.
What this means, is that by the time you realize your life is in danger, your assailant is already upon you with a knife or other means of deadly force. Unfortunately for you and I, it also takes anywhere from .7-1.5 seconds for your body to react once it realizes that it is in danger. So, if you pull your gun from its holster and there isn’t a round in the chamber what are you going to do? If he is on you and you still need to chamber a round, you’re as good as dead.
In all actuality, what will likely happen is you’ll draw your weapon and your attacker will either turn around and run like a dog with his tail tucked, or he’ll continue on in his pursuit regardless of the outcome. Why? Because that’s how criminals think.
The last thing any criminal wants is to get caught being, is a criminal. If one is bold enough to attack you, he is also bold enough to kill you. How do we know this? Ask a state correctional officer. They have had plenty of time to talk to the inmates and get a feeling for how they think.
More often than not, this attacker will be just a few feet from you, taking even less time for you to react appropriately. The only real way to mitigate the possibility of someone being successful in an attack, is to carry a handgun with a round in the chamber. That way, all you have to do is pull the gun from its holster, and press.
The reason for not carrying with a round in the chamber stems from inexperience and fear. Remember that I don’t mean to insult or offend anyone, these are just my opinions. I would hope you will take this information as it is meant to be given, to educate and inform.
Many people, even those who decide to own and carry a gun, are afraid of them.
Remember when you first started to drive? When another vehicle approached you from the opposite direction, you would hug the shoulder. That is somewhat how it is with a gun. Especially when you start to carry. Many people will touch their gun often when they start carrying to ensure the gun is still there. Learning how to handle and use a gun, then actually using it, will give you the confidence you need to not be afraid of it. The other problem is the media. Movies and TV teach false ideas about guns. Even those who carry guns for a living can be taught false ideas by media. I’ve heard stories of a policeman going into a hostile environment, getting shot in their vest, and falling to the ground, out of the fight. Even though they are really not out of the fight and very few bullets can actually knock someone down.
Lack of training is something that can cause an undue fear of guns. As I said before, the more experience you have with guns the more comfortable you are with them. Like driving a vehicle, you must develop muscle memory. You do this by practicing and training. You soon learn that the gun is not unsafe, but the shooter can be. Also like driving, if you don’t follow safety rules you can get hurt.
What does this have to do with a round in the chamber? It means that when you are properly trained, practice safety and handling often, you too will have the confidence and see the logic in, carrying a gun with a round in the chamber.
Anyone who does not get training and does not practice will lose what they have learned by their limited training. Find a qualified instructor to take classes from. Notice how the word “Classes” is plural? One class will not take care of your training needs. You need to commit to training or practice. There is a lot that goes into buying and carrying a lethal weapon. It takes time and money as a commitment.
These are the rules that you should learn and be able to quote by heart.
Being prepared with your gun can mean the difference between life or death. It takes only a little effort to find out whether you can be comfortable carrying with a round in the chamber. I do not think you will have the time and maybe the motor skills bring your weapon into battery.
Do whatever it takes to be comfortable, competent, and happy with your gun.
Semper Paratus
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