Friday, January 29, 2016

Active Shooter Plans

Day before yesterday I was following a story that I think was being ignored by mainstream media (msm). Maybe they had foresight that I did not because it turned out to not be an issue. The Naval Medical Center in San Diego, California had a real world active shooter event. They locked down the hospital and some schools near the large medical facility. I thought it was going to start again. I am so grateful the alert was not necessary. There was no shooter but someone reported that they heard shots. I’m assuming it was something that sounded like gunfire. I tell you this, recognizing real gunfire is a skill that should be worked on. Exposure to the real deal will help when something else makes sounds that sound like gun shots.
The alert is typical of a federal installation, “Run, Hide, Fight!” I’m actually amazed a government facility ever says anything about fighting. Usually the powers that be are scared of their own shadows and they advise everything BUT fighting. So maybe that is progress. I have mixed feelings about that RHF advice. So how would you have handled this situation? I happen to work on a federal installation and I think about this a lot.

My answer would depend on who was with me. My wife, my kids, or certain friends would change my answer. Most of the time if I was with someone I would just try to get out. If I was alone I think I would try to get out. If I couldn’t get out I would not hide. I guess it depends on what you call fortifying my position, finding an improvised weapon or securing my own pre-positioned weapon. If that is hiding then so be it. I cannot see myself hiding. Hiding to me is cowering behind a chair. I would prefer to not fight, but I would prepare to fight. If you decide to fight what is your general plan? Do you know where real cover is in the building where you work? What improvised weapons do you see or handle every day?

Weapons can be almost anything. I carry a tactical pen and a knife everywhere. I carry a gun almost everywhere. What about a sock with a bar of soap or maybe with batteries in it. The more the merrier. If everyone you are with does this you will have a formidable force. Even a shirt or coat tied and filled with a stapler or batteries in it would do. I also carry a tac light that could be used as a kubaton.

A fire extinguisher can be a wonderful weapon. Make sure the extinguisher is small enough for this. If it’s too heavy you won’t be able to hit someone with it. Spraying an attacker with it and then using it for blunt force trauma is a good idea.

As a group you could decide to just mob the terrorist. Swarming them will change their OODA Loop and throw them off with enough time for a mob to knock them down and overpower them. If you feel this might be your choice make sure you come from different angles to keep the attacker off guard. Don’t underestimate yelling and screaming. Surprise is a great tool. Speed and enough violence to injure the attacker so that you can injure them again and finally take them out of the fight, neutralize the threat.

Broom handles can be a wonderful weapon. If you think this may be in your future training with a staff is important. Aiming for the neck, or other vulnerable targets would be enough to save yourself or others.

Deciding to RHF is a choice you must make. Everyone is different and has different skills and abilities. No two answers to the “fight” questions would be the same. The point of this article is for you to think about scenarios and what you would do. Plan a little. Think about these questions and look at what resources you have at home, school, or work.

Active shooters can happen almost anywhere. If it is your home it is an invasion. But schools and work are considered active shooters. Now is the time to prepare not after you get the “Run, Hide, Fight” warning. Plan and prepare.

Semper Paratus
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