Friday, January 1, 2016

If I Were Muslim

It is a new year.  A time for new beginnings.  A time for change.  A time for new commitment.
September 11, 2001 changed the very fabric of this country that I dearly love.  I am committed to helping my family, and yours, become more safe and secure.  Several Islamic extremists were somewhat successful when they heaped terror upon the United States.  The fact that I'm writing this proves that terrorism changed the way we think and operate.  I'm not so concerned with reaction, but with resolve.  My resolve changed on that fateful September morning.  I was working at the time on an Air Force base.  I had never operated in this country in Force Protection Delta other than in exercises.  After all of the ashes settled and we mourned the dead, it was found that extremism of a religion was the cause of our attack.  This was not the first time.  It was not the last.
If you are a good Muslim I am sorry you have been put in this situation.  You will be regarded as suspicious for probably the rest of your life here in this country, and in other countries.  It is not fair and it does not put non-Muslims in a very comfortable place.  We don't want to look upon you as a possible threat but we must.  The only advice I could give you is to fight for your goodness.  Make it clear, and in no uncertain terms, that you love this country as a patriot American does.  You and your religious leaders should be open about your commitment to the United States freedom and Constitution.  If it was me, I would become an ultra-patriot.  No one would question how I feel about this country.  I would become the champion for this Republic.  I would not be fake about it, but I would become the best advocate for freedom in this country and try and recruit as many Muslim patriots as I could to join me!  It's extremely regrettable to have to do this, but it is necessary.  It may take a decade, it may take longer, but to change what Islamic extremists have done, and continue to do, you must "fight the good fight" for your acceptance.  I know it seems racist, it's not.  I know it seems unneeded, it is. I know it seems to be a burden, it shouldn't.  But you must prove what many Americans hardly give a thought to, your loyalty to freedom and this country.  It makes sense because of the actions of others you must prove that you are not like them.  As I've said, it's not fair, but it is reality.  You will be subject to horrible prejudice.  You will want to give up and think it's futile to try and change people's minds.  The founding Fathers had the same uphill fight. They fought and you must too.  
If you are not a citizen of this country, or live somewhere else, you may not understand.  You may be outraged at the behavior of those who are supposed to hold freedom, and liberty in such high regard.  I've met some from other countries who should look into our history and what we've given our lives for to understand why we think this way.  Guns for instance.  Why do American's cling to their guns?  Because our Father's fought and died with those guns to defeat tyranny.  Not too many countries came to be this way.  That is why Australian ideas on gun control will not work here.  I wish the comparisons would stop because there is no comparison.  Anyway, since Australia came to be basically by Britain granting it, the struggle and fight were not really there.  So I would not think an Australian citizen would have an understanding about how Americans feel about their liberty.  Australia was just an example, I have nothing against the country or citizens.  They are our friend and ally. 
I served in the military.  I really did not want to die, but knew that may have been asked of me.  I served well and it changed me.  My view of this country and what it stands for changed.  Sometimes I think maybe it should be mandatory to serve in the military.  But then I think about how that kind of removes some freedom so maybe that's not the best idea.
I would hope that we as Americans can be as helpful as we can be in helping our Muslim friends in their quest to "prove" their patriotism.  If they are to be successful, we must assist them.  Muslims must understand that often they will not be trusted.  This is not a good thing but it is a real thing.  Muslims and non-Muslims should try to put themselves in each others shoes.  We should be aware of the others predicament and act accordingly.  Muslims around the world should do the same and do their best to prove themselves friends of non-Muslims. This is not something someone with pride will want to do.  To do this, humility must be present.  Some will not want to comply and we will have the animosity that we have now.
I'm trying to be real here and to give some understanding.  If we are to make progress we must comply.  If we want fear and contention to rule we can continue as we are doing now.
It is a new year.  A time to reflect and recommit.

Semper Paratus
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