Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Do Not Vote For This Scoundrel!

I don’t know if you will ever see on this blog an actual endorsement of any Presidential candidate. I may break and start to push the person I think will do the best job but for now I think I will remain silent. It’s a long way to November. But I will UNendorse someone!
I am a conservative independent. I don’t like the two main parties very much nor do I like the party system very much. I can say that almost every election will find me voting for Republican candidates only because of my conservative views. I have voted for candidates from other parties other than Republican including Democrats. I’ll be honest, the only Dems I’ve voted for were local candidates and it was because I personally knew the people.
Having said all of the above I must in good conscience talk about a candidate I can hardly stand to look at. Hillary Clinton. I believe her to be dishonest, extremely untrustworthy, and generally nasty. I do not know her personally so this only comes from watching her over the years.
I believe her handling of the Benghazi debacle was so very scandalous. She has shown a great failure in leadership and a disregard for military and civilian lives that makes my stomach turn. President Obama had his chance to make right what she did and of course did nothing. So he too is at fault in Benghazi. Secretary Clinton failed miserably in her job as Secretary of State resigning, in my opinion, when things got hot in that position. And now she would like a promotion? I think not.
I am not concerned about her being a woman. I do not think that is even an issue with her seeking the Presidency though many will be stupid enough to vote for her because she is a woman. I believe that is part of the reason President Obama is President. Some voted for him because they wanted the first Black President.
Secretary Clinton also has shown her incompetence in the e-mail scandal that is coming down on her head. Will she ever be held responsible? I hope so, but I have my doubts. As Secretary of State if you don’t understand security, privacy, and confidentiality then I’m not sure how the heck you got the job!
I don’t know the validity of this next subject, it is really hearsay. But I read where Secretary Clinton has a foul mouth. I believe it was a Secret Service agent who said that she would swear at him regularly. Like I said, that may not be true. I suspect it is not because of what I have seen in her. I know, lots of people swear but I make a bad judgement of those who do. Especially those who swear and have an education. I just think that someone who has a foul vocabulary shows their ignorance. My opinion here only.
Please do not endorse this rat of a woman. Please overlook the fact that she is a woman and don’t vote for her only because she is a woman. I hope she does not even get past the primaries but we will see.
She’s a scoundrel who happens to be married to a scoundrel. Our country needs greatness not dishonesty and vulgarity.
Is she worse than other candidates? I think so. No other candidate has scandal following them around closely.
Do not elect Hillary Clinton to any other office!! I beg of you!
Semper Paratus
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