Monday, January 4, 2016

To Conceal or to Open, That is the Question

I was buying ammunition in a Wal-mart the when I heard a conversation that surprised me. The state I was in just started open carry and a customer asked the clerk what he thought about that in Wal-mart? The employee said that Wal-mart had not come out with any policy but he was a little nervous about selling ammo to someone who was carrying a gun. He said he wasn’t sure he wanted to sell someone ammo for the gun they were open carrying. They were actually joking about it a little so the mood was light. I told the clerk that concealed carry had been in effect for years in that state, so he probably sold ammo to someone carrying a gun already. He didn’t know I was armed at the moment. I always am armed when I can be. After I reminded the employee of concealed carry he just looked at me. I guess it hadn’t dawned on him because he obviously did not conceal carry. I couldn’t understand the problem with selling ammo to someone who is armed like they would load their gun right then and there! I don’t know anyone, new or old to carrying, open or concealed, who carry an empty gun!
I personally do not understand the fascination with open carry. If I was at home on my property or maybe camping I may open carry. Normally I would only conceal carry. And here is why.
I don’t want to have anyone see my weapon and call the police. I do not want a zealous officer to draw down on me because he thinks I may be a threat. It has been said that your chances of talking to law enforcement while open carrying is 100 percent. People unfamiliar with guns and gun laws will be shocked at the sight of someone with a gun and will call the police. They will respond and you may, or may not, be given a hard time. It is inevitable.
Tactical advantage
This could really be the only argument for concealed carry versus open. You lose the tactical advantage when you open carry that you can have concealed. Bad guys and good guys alike can see that you are armed. I think that your probability of attack increases with open carry.
I don’t feel there is enough deterrent with open carry to warrant using it.
You really don’t want everyone around you seeing that you carry or maybe even that you own a gun! If you’re interested in getting in the middle of the gun debate open carry can do that.
As I said above, open carry draws attention to yourself. I want to blend in. In certain situations you may become an immediate target.
Don’t get me wrong. I support the right of open carry, I just don’t think it’s a good way to defend yourself. I’m not against making open carry legal, I am all for it. I just don’t see why anyone would want to do it.
Everyone has the right to defend themselves and their families. I believe the Constitution points out that God given right for Americans. You must decide how you will do this and if you decide that a gun is a good way to defend then by all means do so legally. I also am against most of the gun (people) control talk that is out there. I think the laws that are in place already protect us in the U.S. More is less.
The debate over open carry and concealed carry will continue. This is only my opinion and my ideas may not work in every single situation. Be smart in your choice and do so legally by the laws of the area you reside.
If you decide to carry, commit to carry legally, always.
Semper Paratus
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