Sunday, January 24, 2016

Privacy: Encryption and "Lazy" Law Enforcement

The FBI says its investigation into the San Bernardino shooting has been stymied by encryption.
In addition to not finding a computer hard drive allegedly used by the suspects, the FBI cannot break the encryption code protecting two cell phones, according to David Bowdich Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI Los Angeles Field Office.
Following the San Bernardino shooting the FBI launched a frontal assault on the idea that people have a right to protect their personal data with encryption.
The FBI argued tech companies offering end-to-end encryption are hindering law enforcement. Law enforcement (LE) told lawmakers the companies must change their business model in order to fight terrorism and criminals.
I know that LE looks upon this as a bad thing. It hinders their job to protect us. But so does the second, first, and fourth amendments. What this means is law enforcement must work harder. Many in that fight against crime and terrorism see these rights as hindering to their work. Obviously they are. I say to that "Tough!" Stop being so lazy! Some in law enforcement want it easy. These are slackers who think that to do their work they should have easy access to everything. That is a fallacy. Those who think that way should get a different job. It's not supposed to be easy! As I've said many times on this site I think the U.S. has the best, most experienced, better trained, and most ethical law enforcement members than anyone in the world. The top brass and the civilians that are supposed to support the real officers in the field often find votes more important than liberty and our Constitution. The real test and challenge of any peace officer is to catch the bad guys and keep our God-given rights intact. It's possible and it happens everyday. Tell the LE "upper elite" that you do not want to trample the rights of those you have sworn to protect.
ISIS now has developed their own encrypted app. This tells me that no matter what laws you enact criminals and terrorists will find a way around it.
The FBI and the Justice Department are arguing against protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment. They are essentially calling for a return of writs of assistance used prior to the American Revolution.
Writs of assistance were court orders authorizing customs officers to conduct general and non-specific searches of premises for contraband. The exact nature and location of the contraband did not need to be specified.
The writs were introduced by the British under rules for commerce in Massachusetts in 1751 to enforce its Acts of Trade. The colonists argued writs represented a violation of natural rights. Opposition to them played an important role in the rebellion against British rule and ultimately the Revolutionary War.
We need to fight for our Constitution. Law enforcement must stop their attack on the very document they swear to uphold! My thought is that LE should stop whining, get in there and do their job! Most LE are very good at what they do regardless of the roadblocks put before them. It's the bureaucrat and the politician who are soft and want the easy way to money and fame. LE must be very good to be successful because evil is very, very good. Most LE are up to the task.
Let your representatives in Washington know you want your privacy in tact. Tell them LE must work harder to be better to do their job without trampling our Constitution.
This also means that encryption works. For the average U.S. Citizen this means that our privacy is still alive. Use encryption and protect your privacy.

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