Thursday, August 11, 2016

Armed In A Bathroom

I like to talk about things that are seldom talked about and maybe a little controversial. I haven’t seen too many articles on carrying a gun in a bathroom. A little crazy isn’t it? I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to who dropped their gun in a public restroom. I’ve heard it enough to know that maybe an article with some reminders and tips are in order.
I’ve seen it described as avoiding the four D’s. Discharge, Detection, Desertion, and Dropping.
Let’s discus these points individually.
A negligent discharge is one of the most serious things that can face a concealed carrier. We are responsible for every bullet that leaves our weapon. So a negligent discharge is an absolute no go. One of the things I’ve emphasized with carrying a gun is safety and retention. Find a holster and system that will let you do both be safe and keep your gun in the holster. Anything short of a Serpa, which has a button that must be pushed to release the weapon from the holster, is something that should be watched closely. The safety rules are always in play when you carry:
1. All guns are loaded
2. Don’t point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy
3. Never put your finger in the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
4. Know your target and beyond
Keeping these rules will keep you from a negligent discharge even in the bathroom.
Make sure your holster covers the trigger on your gun. Sometimes the wrong size holster will partially expose the trigger. Also come up with a system of carry that lets you keep your gun holstered and still able to use the restroom.
No one should know that you carry. The whole premise behind concealed carry is that no one knows you’re armed. If you must remove your gun to use the bathroom you need to re-evaluate the way you carry. Placing your gun on the floor is begging for to be “made”. Sitting the gun on the back of the toilet or on the toilet paper dispenser is asked for a dropping of the gun which could be dangerous and may tell the world you have a gun.
Losing your firearm is a most grave mistake to make. This is another problem that can arise from taking your gun out of the holster or off your body. Losing your gun because you left it somewhere and no one reported it would be horrible. At least if someone turned it into the store you may get it back. Even though that would be very embarrassing. Worse is a criminal finding your gun, and even worse is a child finding your gun.
Don’t drop your gun or let it fall. But if it does go, don’t try to catch it. Your gun will not go off by dropping it unless it is old or extremely cheap. If you have bought a brand name, modern gun you can chamber a round, charge the weapon, and then use it as a hockey puck. This is an exaggerated way of saying if you drop your gun it won’t go off. Always do your absolute best to retain your gun under your safe control. If it falls or is dropped and you try to catch it, you will not be able to catch it in a safe way. You may actually put your finger in the trigger guard and have a negligent discharge. Remember if your gun is a 1911 or other model made to be carried in the cocked position, use the safety!
All of the above have happened. I have never experienced this myself. The closest I have come is forgetting which secure place I left my gun. I went to look in the lock box I thought it was in, and found it in a vault instead. But I know people have had these horrible experiences.
If you are new to concealed carry then don’t make these mistakes. The only safe weapon is in your control (in your hand or on your body), or locked up. Don’t ever get caught breaking any of the four safety rules and you will enjoy and be served by your gun for years to come.
If you carry or are thinking of carrying, get licensed and learn your state and local laws. If you decide to carry know that it is a great responsibility that you hold. Being in the bathroom while doing this is inevitable and knowing some common sense ideas to be safe is always an advantage.
Remember also, not everyone is familiar with guns or comfortable around them. Some people freak out around them. Have patience and try to inform and teach them if your carrying becomes known. No need to get political, but try to teach.
Semper Paratus
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