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Why Do You Need An AR-15?: Knowledge Over Hype

“Why do you need an AR-15?” I got asked that question from someone who has no knowledge of guns. I know that we are all ignorant, just on different subjects. But when someone usually asks that question, they are not really curious, but usually combative. And usually my combative answer is “Because I’m not licensed for an M16!” My fun answer is "AR15s are like LEGOs for grownups."
I told them that I spent some time in the military. But the AR was not the first rifle I shot or learned about. The first rifle I shot was a Ruger 10-22. I shot it for fun, for sport. My first hunting experience was with rabbits on my Uncles ranch. That year he was raising cucumbers and the rabbits were thick. So we “culled “ the herd and ate the rabbits. I can tell you right now that I was grateful for a full capacity magazine. If you’ve ever shot a .22 rifle for fun or varmints you know that loading magazines takes time. Time I’d rather be shooting!
As most people with gun knowledge know AR stands for Armalite, the first maker of that platform of gun. It doesn’t stand for assault rifle as many think. The first AR I ever shot was a select fire (fully automatic) Colt (Armalite sold the design to Colt) M16A2 (I always liked the fast 1:7 twist in the barrel). It is a military battlefield weapon. The civilian AR15 was also first made by Colt in the semi-automatic version in 1964.
The AR-15 is the most effective weapon I can take into a fight by myself. I don’t want a fight, but if I was in one I would want every advantage. When someone asks the why need an AR-15 question I know at least one thing about them, they have never had to fight for their lives.
I will repeat a story that I will probably use over and over. It is a perfect illustration of why more fire power may be necessary.
Masaad Ayoob has been a weapons instructor since the 1970’s. He has written several books and articles and is considered a gun expert. Check out this article:
I think it’s interesting that some politicians and others believe I shouldn’t have more than 10 rounds but the police, who they think are highly trained and skilled in arms, should have double that number. Some Law Enforcement (LE) are very skilled at arms and some just do what they have to do to qualify and have a job! Not only that, if the need for more rounds is just simply not needed then why don’t LE still have .357’s? LE should have everything and anything that will be a force multiplier to ensure that they go home every night. That is why they carry auto-loaders.
There is an officer in Skokie, Illinois north of Chicago, population 65,000, who had an experience that changed his “load out” from 47 rounds to 145 everyday.
The story he tells to Police One.com goes:
“I didn’t have time to think of backing up or even ramming him,” Gramins said. “I see the gun and I engage.”
Gramins fired back through his windshield, sending a total of 13 rounds tearing through just three holes.
A master firearms instructor and a sniper on his department’s Tactical Intervention Unit, “I was confident at least some of them were hitting him, but he wasn’t even close to slowing down,” Gramins said.
The gunman shot his pistol dry trying to hit Gramins with rounds through his driver-side window, but except for spraying the officer’s face with glass, he narrowly missed and headed back to his car.
Gramins, also empty, escaped his squad car — “a coffin,” he calls it — and reloaded on his run to cover behind the passenger-side rear of the Bonneville.
Now the robber, a lanky six-footer, was back in the fight with a .380 Bersa pistol he’d grabbed off his front seat. Rounds flew between the two as the gunman dashed toward the squad car.
Again, Gramins shot dry and reloaded.
“I thought I was hitting him, but with shots going through his clothing it was hard to tell for sure. This much was certain: he kept moving and kept shooting, trying his damnedest to kill me.”
In this free-for-all, the assailant had, in fact, been struck 14 times. Any one of six of these wounds — in the heart, right lung, left lung, liver, diaphragm, and right kidney — could have produced fatal consequences…“in time,” Gramins emphasizes.
But time for Gramins, like the stack of bullets in his third magazine, was fast running out.
When the suspect bent down to peer under the car, Gramins carefully established a sight picture, and squeezed off three controlled bursts in rapid succession.
The whole shootout had lasted 56 seconds, Gramins said. The assailant had fired 21 rounds from his two handguns. Inexplicably — but fortunately — he had not attempted to employ an SKS semi-automatic rifle that was lying on his front seat ready to go.
Gramins had discharged 33 rounds. Four remained in his magazine.”
Would this ever happen to you?
“3 Armed Men Wanted In Connection With Home Invasion Robbery In Sherman Oaks”
July 27, 2016 in California? Apparently these 3 men didn’t know about the toughest gun laws in the nation in California…
“Two men face several charges after armed home invasion”
June 14, 2016 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Also with tougher gun laws than the U.S.
“Man shot in early morning home invasion in Oak Park”
June 28, 2016 in Chicago with some of the toughest laws in the nation.
I chose these 3 stories randomly in a Google search. I did not look for home invasions in areas where gun laws are considered strict, that’s just the way it ended up. This article is not really about gun laws, although laws are an undertone here.
These articles and many others are reason enough for me to want as much advantage as I can over these parasites. Talk to someone who has been in a firefight. Ask them what they think about 10 rounds over 30 rounds.
Why shouldn’t I have the same advantage as a LE officer? I’m as well trained as they are and in many cases, better trained. I’ve instructed LE and military yet there are those who think I should not have an AR. Basically, what it comes down to, those who would take away these so called “assault weapons” from civilians know little or nothing about guns or gun fighting. They cannot envision themselves in a fight for their life. They think “This will never happen to me.”
To them I give them a quote from Colion Noir, a gun rights advocate:
“I’m not trying to convert you; I’m trying to educate you. If you’re going to be anti-gun after the fact, so be it, but do it with the requisite facts.”
Too many give an emotional response after a Sandy Hook or an Aurora incident. These incidents are horrible and tragic, but out lawing criminal’s guns is already on the books. Burglary, robbery, and murder are already against the law. I can see these home invaders discussing their future crime, “Should I buy this $900 AR or this $200 handgun? AR’s are illegal, I guess it’s the handgun then.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a legal purchase at a gun dealer, a gun show, or an illegal acquisition, an AR-15 would not be on the list.
Of the actual 8,583 gun murders committed in 2011, 323 were committed with “rifles.” And that’s all rifles, including bolt action, deer hunting rifles and all the rest. The number committed with so called “assault rifles” were a fraction of that. When you ask how dangerous those rifles are, compare that to nearly 1,700 who were stabbed as well as nearly 500 murdered with blunt objects and more than 700 beaten to death by somebody with their bare hands.
This is data from the FBI report on crime in the United States.
Don’t tell me I don’t need an AR because they are too wild and dangerous or military. That is simply not true. Don’t tell me I don’t need 30 rounds because I may. You don’t know and you certainly don’t have the experience to show me different. As usual, political rhetoric and media lying has influenced this country. ("If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda Chief.) But the internet has changed some of that. The rest of Goebbels quote is: “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.” In other words a lie can perpetuated as long as the truth is hidden.
What I give you here is the truth. Some may say it’s only “My” truth. It is not. Truth is truth and is not subject to interpretation. As Mr Noir said in the above quote, get educated with the truth. I saw an interview with our Vice-President Joe Biden. Someone asked about a gun for self-defense. He said you don’t need an AR-15 or 30 rounds. This is coming from someone who never served in the military. He has been a Senator since he was 29 and a lawyer before that. I don’t really know, but I think his gun experience is little to none. I don’t know how he could dole out authoritative advice on a subject he knows nothing about. That’s the way most ant-gun people operate. Most are not interested in the truth, but only in their agenda.
I hope you will perpetuate truth and education. The more people that are educated with facts, the safer we will all be.
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