Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Overwatch: September Drill Of The Month


Weak Hand Shooting
Both police and high-speed military operators have reported in a Close quarters combat (CQB) scenario where they were fighting for their lives that they resorted to what they do fastest and best, which was strong side shooting. It's human nature when the enemy is upon you. But shooting with the weak hand is something we also need to consider and teach, as injury may necessitate weak hand/side shooting.
In the old West, ammunition was not to be wasted, and young gunfighters would spend hours practicing drawing and dry firing. Today there are many types of lasers and bore lights to show us where our guns are pointed. We can use these tools in dry fire drills until we validate our confidence with live ammunition. Most criminals don't practice. Studies show their successful hit rate is about 10%. Law enforcement officers need to qualify about four times a year. Their successful hit rate is about 20%. One study indicated that of all the felons that are shot each year, only one out of five is shot by law enforcement. Guess who shoots the rest?
This drill focuses on weapon manipulations and technique. It can be practiced with limited ammunition. Most weak side shooting drills are static—they're limited to the standing position from a designated distance.
Have your student shoot from the weak side in various shooting positions, including standing, kneeling, or prone. Try various non-traditional positions. Use a four-step barricade to facilitate unorthodox positions.
Instruct students to use their weak hand to change and load magazines. Work on clearing weapon malfunctions by using dummy rounds. Have students practice transitioning from rifle to handgun too.
Once the shooters have done these tasks from static positions, instruct them to do them while on the move. Don't burn a lot of ammo.

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