Monday, August 8, 2016

Thyme For Herbs: By Flag

I am blessed with the opportunity of being a at- home mom. Since I have not had the chance to go back to college, I am constantly going to the public library to check out books and learning from the internet. I have studied a wide variety of subjects from nutrition, cooking, gardening to history. I am always with a book.
In the last ten years I have taken an interest in the study of herbs. After this many years I am still learning and growing in my knowledge of them. I have also purchased many books to use for reference and am in contact with other women who have more years of experience.
One of my reasons for learning about herbs is I feel that it is another area of being prepared and self-sufficient. I feel it is important to have as much knowledge as possible in caring for our basic needs in time of an emergency or in our daily living.
For example, if there was a natural disaster and your child came down with pin worms, what would you do? The doctors and nurses are going to be busy tending with critical and seriously injured victims. Then they would treat minor injuries. In a few days they might be able to attend to your needs.
Pin worms are not a life threatening problem but can cause irritation and soreness to a child=s rectal area. This will cause your child to complain because it itches and starts to hurt from scratching.
After doing some research, we have discovered what herbs to use for pin worms. Now we keep some in our year supply herb cabinet. It is inexpensive and is easily stored.
Herbs have been used by man as medicine and foods for thousands of years. Herbs are considered food for the body. Herbs are a valuable source of minerals, and vitamins as well as a natural medicine which has a remarkable history of curative effects, when used properly.
Every plant that God created for this earth has a purpose. Every part of this earth has herbs that provide a remedy for diseases that afflict mankind.
Plants contain the principle of life, something synthetic chemicals will never possess. They were designed by the creator to work in harmony with the natural processes of our bodies. While most modern medicines are designed to suppress symptoms, herbs support the natural function of the body systems and help the body heal itself.
Most herbs in their natural state could be the answer. They are safe and do not leave a built up residue in the system that produces side effects. Herbs are natural, not instant. They work with the body, not against it, while strengthening and building the body gradually so the body, as a whole, is stronger. Herbs feed the body. It is important to use herbs with wisdom and knowledge.
There are herbs that are infection fighters, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, hormonal, diuretic, antihistamine, laxative, antispasmodic, cardiac, digestive, nervine, relaxant, weight control, circulation, etc.
The taste of the herb helps indicate how to use them. The mild, pleasant tasting herbs can be used always. These are usually the tonic herbs that help every part of the body. The bitter tasting herbs are usually the medicinal herbs. These herbs are only used in time of illness or to correct certain problems.
Herbs work best in a healthy, clean body. They work best with a natural food diet. Everyone can benefit from using herbs, but the best results will be realized when the body is clean and free from built up toxins.
Herbs and supplements by themselves are not sufficient to restore a person to complete health. Proper diet, rest, exercise, mental attitude and other factors are important.
Herbalists realize that the body can heal itself. The essence of natural therapy is to activate the body’s own self-healing powers. Orthodox medicine cannot change the working of the body. It can only help it. Many doctors believe that their patients get well because of drugs and surgery alone, and ignore the fact that the body has its own healing powers.
Science is discovering the wonderful properties of herbs and the value to mankind. The day will come when herbal remedies will be able to fill all the needs of mankind.

Politically Correct Disclaimer
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