Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11 And Your Family

This day brings back a lot of memories. I have a lot of kids. Some of them don’t remember a world before 9-11. Our country changed that day. I changed that day. As members of the LDS Church we believe that times will become difficult in these last days. They have become that. Pres. Benson said that it would be like unto before the Book of Mormon appearance of Christ. As you read that in 3 Nephi, it’s hard to imagine problems like the ancient people experienced. But it will come. It’s also hard to not be “doom and gloom” because of that knowledge. Pres. Monson says we have a bright future and I believe him. The scriptures say “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear”. Prepared how? In every way, for every “needful thing”. That puts us into a situation where we should be preparedness minded. Being preparedness minded includes being security minded. In a post 9-11 world it’s even more important to be vigilant in your personal and family security. Do your home work on this. Find out where your weak points are and make the necessary changes. Train yourself and your family. Make a family preparedness plan and carry it out. As part of that plan have a security plan. Once you have done all you can, remain vigilant and continue training and practice on occasion.
Remember those innocents who paid the price of freedom. Then remember those who gave all to keep and maintain freedom. The first responders going up the stairs when everyone else was going down. The brave military members who went and did what they were ordered to in defense of our freedom. Remember all those who gave all for us.
Hug your family and count your blessings. Then close and engage!
Semper Paratus
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