Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ammunition Storage: If you have to ask, buy more!

Ammo storage is something that is controversial. Every person has a different idea of how much ammunition you need. Rudyard Kipling said:
“A man can never have too much red wine, too many books, or too much ammunition.”
So storing ammunition is something I think we all feel we should do, we just don’t agree on how much.
There are a variety of reasons to store ammunition. Rising ammunition costs, having a reserve for our own personal financial challenges, a future ammunition shortage, a future ammunition ban, the end of the world, a new revolutionary war, Mars attacks, war from a foreign country, hunting, competitive shooting, or just shooting. I’m sure there are even more reasons I haven’t mentioned.
We’ve determined that many people feel they need to store ammo for a variety of reasons.
Typical combat load out is 6 30 round magazines and one in the gun. 210 rounds.
(See blog How comfortable is your ammo load-out? (How much ammo do you carry?) 3/21/2014)
If you plan on defending your home or retreat from a squad then maybe you think you need 10,000 rounds. I would disagree and here’s why.
Mike from Shooters Log ( published on January 5, 2012
“Two hundred and ten rounds of ammunition is actually quite a lot. The chances of you blowing through that much ammunition all at once with a semi-automatic firearm are pretty slim no matter the circumstances. Only high volume of fire events like “break contact” drills or defending against a “human wave” assault (the zombie guys just got all excited) are going to see that much ammunition expended. Your chances of surviving a scenario like those even with plenty of ammo aren’t very good, either. But lets say you kept seven more spare mags in a duffel bag behind the seat of your truck, and you managed to resupply while the Chinese paratroopers regrouped for a second assault on your apartment building. We are getting silly here, but for purposes of argument we’ll say you survived a massive, video-game style firefight in which your trusty carbine expended double the amount of ammunition you can actually carry. That’s a sum total of 420 rounds. Now, if you somehow survived not one but two of these epic firefights, you would have used 840 rounds of ammo. If your SHTF stash had originally consisted of a single 1,000 round case, you’d still have more than enough ammo left over to fill five 30-round magazines.”
My advice would be to have a realistic goal when it comes to ammunition storage. 1,000 to 2,000 per gun. You can make that less if it is a hand gun. I have several guns in one caliber. That would mean 4,000 rounds in one caliber. This is something you can do in time.
That takes us to which guns should you have? There are many schools of thought on this. I will speak only of the preparedness aspect of this.
I believe everyone should have a shot gun. 12 or 20 guage. Hunting, defense.
Some sort of battle rifle. AR, Mini 14/30, AK. Defense.
Long range rifle. Mosin Nagant or Garant. A good 30-06 or 308. Hunting, sniping.
Pistol. 9mm or higher caliber. Defense.
Small game rifle. .22, Ruger 10-22 or equivalent. Hunting.
If you feel you may have to defend something, each person should have a primary battle rifle and a side arm. For semi autos I’d have at least 6-7 magazines for rifles, and 4-5 magazines for pistols.
Like I said, this is a very opinionated and controversial subject. I can’t say that what I think will work for you just as you can’t expect me to agree with you. Can you ever have too much ammunition? Probably not. But if you have 10,000 rounds per gun you’ve spent funds and are using space that could be used for other things. You must decide but make an educated guess. Research this and think about why you are storing ammo in the first place. Once you find your need don’t go overboard. Figure out that amount and maintain it. Keep an inventory and ranger on!
Semper Paratus
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