Monday, September 8, 2014

Being Gear Reliant

We were gone over the weekend. We took a long weekend to visit some dear, old friends. It was relaxing but I still had an opportunity to surf the web a little. I watched a conversation on a gun forum that got me to thinking. Someone new to shooting asked some basic questions and got what I call, a gear answer. Then started a string of new gear answers. By the time the thread ended, the poor new shooter was not sure whether to buy some gear or take a course. We all know that training always trumps gear.
I’ve seen the same post a million times. Don’t get me wrong, I love gear. Especially good gear. And there is a lot out there. The problem is, there is a reliance on this gear that I believe is not very healthy. Again, don’t think that I am old and anti-technology. I have no problems with technology, I just believe there should be a backup in place.
Many years ago I did my profession on paper. I could still do it on paper but we have converted to computer based work. The only problem I find with this if the computers or electricity is out, we can’t work. The younger guys I work with don’t even know how to do our work on paper. I like doing my work on computer. It’s better in so many ways, until the electricity goes out.
That’s sometimes what I see in the preparedness/shooting world. A reliance on technology until the battery runs down. Learn alternative ways of doing what you do. If you shoot exclusively with a red dot that’s great. But know how, and have on your weapon, iron sights.
Learn long lost skills. They are invaluable. Be self reliant and not gear reliant.
Skills are hard to come by. You must seek out good training then take the training. Then practice what you’ve learned. This is not fancy and exciting like gear can be. Good gear is important. But without skill gear can be useless.
The best accessory is knowledge and experience. To gain experience knowledge must be obtained and used and practiced.
The next time you see a fancy gadget that is supposed to help you shoot better, think about updating your knowledge. Maybe that new gadget will mean more with some knowledge behind it.

Semper Paratus
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