Thursday, September 18, 2014

Family Security Plan Part 5: Extreme Security

Extreme measures security is something I plan every time I plan. The reason being, I want a plan in place before something extreme happens. I don’t know what will happen or when, I just want to be better prepared to face it. Extreme events would be a total power failure, a collapse of the worlds or the county’s economic system, a world or large pandemic, or catastrophic weather events simultaneously, or war in this country. Do I believe these will happen? Not maybe to the level I’ve described. But it is always possible. So we should plan for it.
Some of these things I included in Parts 1 through 4. I may repeat a little so bear with me.
Home security. I would secure my home any way I could in extreme conditions. Plywood can be available to cover your windows. Or you can build shutters that will actually cover and secure your windows. I talked about creating difficulty in gaining access to your home through gates, fences, and vehicle obstacles. These would all play a part in extreme security. But before they can play a part, some of them need to be installed or available. This is where your preparation comes in. I also talked about safe rooms and isolation rooms. They need to be planned for. Having “T” posts and a roll of barbed wire would be good. Most people don’t want their home to be a fortress, but many things can be put in place and hidden. Do as much of this that you can afford.
Defending your home in certain instances may be necessary. Make sure your home is true cover. A wooden wall and drywall will not stop a bullet. Brick or stone will do the job. Steel will only stop a bullet if it is a certain thickness or a certain kind of steel. Know this before you use sheets of steel in building or for general protection. If you must defend your home you must have the tools. Plenty of ammunition. What is plenty? Only you can answer that. There are 3 things you can never have too much of: Beauty, Money, or Ammo! But generally speaking, I would say 2 to 3 thousand rounds per rifle, and 1 to 2 thousand rounds per hand gun. What do I have? Well, that’s an OPSEC question I won’t answer here. But I would probably say if you added 1 thousand to each of those amounts, it would not hurt. I am not advocating hoarding, just slowly put together the amount you decide on.
Personal security. To the extreme would be something near a combat load out. A Tactical vest full of magazines. A battle rifle with a red dot sight. A plate carrier with ballistic plates. At least 6 magazines in addition to the one in your rifle. At least 5 in addition to what’s in your pistol. Knee pads. Helmet. Goggles and gloves. If you need this stuff you are in a world of hurt. I don’t want to be in this get-up again, but I have it if the occasion ever arises. Even if I’m not in combat mode in an extremely bad neighborhood I might take a backup gun.
Weapons. I would never advocate doing anything illegal. There are things I learned in the military that would be illegal away from a combat zone and here under rule of law. You should learn some of these things for defense only and only during an extreme event. IED’s (Improvised explosive devices) big or small are illegal. But if I did not have the training I received from the military I would find out how to build these devices and have the materials on hand IF they are legal to possess. Be careful because law enforcement does not like “bomb making material” and with good reason. Also, there are booby-traps out there that may be illegal either to build, possess, or use. Molotov cocktails are also illegal. Remember safety in all that you do. Don’t do stupid things with dangerous things. In 1994, the US Congress passed a law making it illegal to distribute or pass out information about building bombs. However, the law only applies when the information is passed out to help someone commit a federal crime. So, for example, if you post bomb-making instructions on your website along with encouragements for readers to use the bombs, you've likely broken the law. Bombs and explosive devices can be made from things in your home, like household cleaners, drain cleaner, bleach, and soap. They can also be made with things you can find in any neighborhood, like gas, propane, liquid petroleum (the gas for your grill), and fertilizer, just to name a few.
The Viet Cong were very poor yet they came up with some deadly traps. Punji sticks are a good example of ingenuity. They are a piece of bamboo stuck in the ground with the other end cut to a point. These were usually in a cluster and camouflaged. You too can use minimal technology and funds to fortify your home. There are many publications out there that can teach you some of this. Be very careful looking for this information and don’t distribute this information. Know what is legal and what is not. This information can be dangerous if it does not emphasize safety and how dangerous playing with these things are. Like I said, I learned legally from a military Instructor how to do some of this. This is extremely dangerous and should not be taken lightly. When I was a kid I would make my own gun powder and fireworks. Thankfully, I still have my fingers and eyesight.
Trip wires. You can make or buy many trip devices. These will let you know if your perimeter, or any other area, has been approached or probed by the enemy. They can be lines that make noise or make light. These can be found on the internet and are a good idea. Something as simple as food cans clanging together can make you aware of the enemy.
I’ll say it again. Know the law. Do not do illegal things. Do not break the law. Anything I write in this post, or on this website is for informational purposes only.
Use your imagination to make your home, family, and person more safe and fortified. Remember, everything that is discussed in this or other extreme posts are just that. Extreme.
Semp Paratus
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